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Nick Pandolfi, Voiceover and Presenter

Nick PandolfiMy Story:

I'm an actor and broadcaster with more than 40 years of experience across film, tv, theatre and radio.

I run my own business that creates content for broadcast and helps UK. SMEs with their digital marketing.

I attended Corona Academy Stage School in Ravenscourt Park, London.

The grounding there helped launch my career, with early work including Oscar-winning feature films Gandhi  

The 1980s saw plenty of costume drams for both BBC and ITV and I was fortunate to be gainfully employed throughout.  From To Serve Them All My Days to Goodbye Mr Chips.  Other film work included, Octopussy and Brimstone and Treacle as well as Return To Oz for Disney.

Working as a young actor meant, avoiding the planned traditional education and spending more time exploring BBC TV Centre. It was here I spent three years as a principal character in the iconic drama series, Grange Hill.  Away from the obvious fun to be had, touring the corridors of this dream factory of drama and entertainment, I learnt from the likes of legendary TV director Colin Cant.

Nick Pandolfi at BBC TV Centre 1985










Spells on stage in the West End with the likes of, Stephen Fry and Alan Bennet, again taught me so much.  My grounding at home and the style of education in an industry where failure is expected has served me well, I’m now superb at failure and disappointment.

I should love to say that I have always had a career plan and yet, acting is often a case of the next job being your next page of planning.

Radio has played a huge part in my working life and I found that my ability in voice acting was popular with casting directors as I was able to be 2 or 3 of the list of characters in the script. This led to a host of afternoon plays for BBC radio. In the late 1990s, I took on the role of being myself as a frontline radio presenter, and this saw me being named BBC radio presenter of the year a couple of times in the mid-'00s.

Some work in the US in TV and theatre in between radio career gaps  - (some contracts are not renewed)

A love of social media, the associated creativity and understanding of audience engagement lead to me being asked to help several smaller business reach their targeted demographic, from that a business idea was born and continues to this day.  Always a jobbing actor and still working on the career plan.

2020 has two radio plays in the can, plus a narration of a series on Russian art for Sky.


Commercial for Adnams

The Launch of Norfolk & Suffolk Unlimited. September 2019



Brian From Melton:  Click Here

For those that are looking for a certain character called Brian.

Way back in 2012 - I was presenting the Breakfast Show  on the now-defunct Town 102 FM,

I had the idea of an irate caller joining me with their memories of that terrible storm...  A homage to a truly local radio phone-in... 

 "25 years on, can you remember the Great Storm - "

"Is wind worse than it was in the good old days of wind "

Have you lost a fence panel or relative" - "maybe both" 

"call now - have your say" 

Brian from Melton filled the bill!  The original 2012 broadcast audio has been shared and played millions of times.

Hear the original audio cuts above. audio is copyrighted.