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Nick Pandolfi on radio pictureMy Story:

So, started working professionally aged 11, I attended Corona Stage School in Ravenscourt Park, London. My very first professional job was for the Filet-O-Fish® not quite the RSC – that came later.

That started the routine of schoolwork in the morning, auditions and a mixture of ballet, drama training and so on, this was at Corona, not really a school, more of a greenhouse with kids from all sorts of backgrounds with  dreams of the big time or a few episodes of Emmerdale. - or Emu's World if all else failed.  It was fee paying, uniforms from DH Evans on Oxford Street and loads of leg warmers. The school was responsible for the careers of people you never knew and a few you may know quite well. It’s the 1980’s both Maggie Thatcher and Danger Mouse were on  TV. The IRA was active, Toffee Crisps were still full size and we Corona types terrorized the District line with song, dance and crumbs of Toffee Crisp.

I was lucky, I worked a lot, there were countless period dramas, West End stage work and months spent growing up  in and around BBC TV Centre. Equity card in pocket, I jumped around Pinewood Studios and popped up in that, the other and a few Oscar and non-Oscar winning Films.

My grounding at home and the style of education in an industry where failure is expected has served me well, I’m now superb at failure.

Those early days of work continue to reep benefits, people think they remember you as being thingy in that TV show - but I said 'reep benefits' knowing you can addapt, not being scared to try something new and undertanding the business of work + if I ever get stuck in a lift, I can entertain/bore my fellow occupant with tales of working at TV Centre and ask if they saw me in Gandhi or the Filet-O-Fish® adverts.

From child actor to adult, the work kept coming but grumpy sounding sorts  would say have a plan B….or the gates of hell will open.

Plan B never materialized, but a regular income from radio did… radio is where you basically go in, talk, read a clock, mention travel a lot, play Take That and  they pay you! Some people make it sound far harder, I think it's the clock and the travel that stump them. It really isn't hard work saying 'hello .. you are listening to….

Listeners seemed to enjoy me saying ‘hello. You are listening to…and I was asked to stay, then asked to leave, several times and often no leaving card but then someone asked me to go and say hello to another listener. I even won some radio awards - I thank Take That and the clock manufacturers.

These days, I’m working on network radio in the UK making documentaries on music and the arts. I pop up talking all things UK. across talk stations in New Zealand and in the US. I'm also found presenting a series of interviews for Carers TV.  In September 2019, I chalked up 40 years in the business, a lesson in luck and a supportive family.


The Launch of Norfolk & Suffolk Unlimited. September 2019


2018: Quick Food for Carers  and a new TV channel 'Carers TV UK.'

Catch the new series of 'Quick Food' in 2020, as Nick films  new episodes across the UK. Cooking, talking, waiting for the food to be ready. The series connects carers across the UK as well as offering a range of events to attend. Previous episodes can be found here Carers Matter 

Radio Talk:  Documentary making has been a huge part of Nick' radio life and he continues to work in this area for freelance producers across the BBC network. Capturing audio and the people that make the very best radio storytellers. 

Since 2017,  Nick has me talking all things British news in New Zealand on Magic Talk, and in the US. as a UK. correspondent. 

Brian From Melton: 

Nick Pandolfi and Brian from Melton
Hear Brian from Melton

When I was presenting the Breakfast show on the now defunct Town 102 fm,

I had the idea of an irate caller joining me and making us laugh.

It's true I wanted to take a swipe at those dull radio phone in programmes where the listener is asked for their memories of this that and the other.... "25 years on, can you remember the Great Storm - call now"

Brian from Melton filled the bill!  The original 2012 audio has been played more than 27 times! ( it's nearer a million) Hear the original audio cuts above. audio is copyrighted.