Who needs GOD?

Well, let me begin my blog with an apology, I have no wish to upset anyone with faith, I really don’t want to do that but I’m am writing this as someone who was brought up to consider faith, religion and all that comes with having a GOD. It is fair to say that my parents would point out the negatives more than the positive’s of a religion, I like to think that I have now made my own mind up. (coughs)
My mind is split, 70/40 against there being a GOD. Where is this god? why does it allow man made issues to kill thousands, why does this GOD not intervene? It’s far too easy to say, he watches and we are to blame for the world’s woe. What sort of GOD is that? if you were GOD, wouldn’t you stop people suffering, children being burnt alive in warfare? would you not at least have a poke at the world you created? Of course you would and no doubt sort out a lot more besides. If God allows cruelty, he is not much of a GOD.

I am increasingly of the opinion that when we die, it’s the end, there is no afterlife other than the love those we leave behind, keep alive. the memories, the laughter and hopefully, a life well spent. That doesn’t scare me.

God is clearly a crutch then ? it’s something to turn to when we have nothing better, therefore GOD is good and handy to those that need him/it. Let’s not blame people for being scared, their faith is strong and who are we outside their world to point and laugh.

What if they are right? I remain a struggling agnostic, I know that many religious people do good, They do it because they are driven by faith and knowing what is right, I don’t laugh at people that go to church, I respect them for their belief, I just don’t understand it. I feel sure people are good with or without GOD.

I feel sure that we all know what is right, what is the best thing for fellow man, I don’t believe that having a GOD in your life makes that easier, as an agnostic, I know what is right….I’m not a poorer person for not having faith, I am well rounded and consider more than just myself.

So, With no GOD, I’m left with a very simplistic set of principals and approach to life.

My aims:

To live life as fully as possible, to care for those that you love, not cause harm to others, respect people with differing views and embrace the concept that I might be wrong in my beliefs and actions.

Those are my aims, I am human and being human does me we can fail, sometimes.

Love conquers everything, I have no GOD, I am happy with myself. I am not at war with my inner self. Is that a religion? I don’t need GOD. Maybe I was created by GOD to challenge faith, maybe he wanted confused people around to brighten the lives or darken the lives of others…. Maybe I am here to live, laugh, love and die.

I’m a 70/40 % Agnostic. my name is Nicholas, that much I know.

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