Choosing a good voiceover voice?

Never really understood the appeal of a blog but recently I was asked “what makes a good voice” a voice that is heard on the radio or with a voiceover. The person asking wanted an idea of the sort of voice that would suit their brand. As often is the case, they were saying how […]

17 year old cat.

I’m writing about my cat, that in itself sounds as mad as one of those loving cat owners who talk to their cats, buy them a Christmas present and no doubt feed some wafer thin ham to their beloved moggy on the feline’s birthday. Yes, this is me. I have enjoyed the company of a […]

Next generation of radio presenters

So where will the next generation of radio presenters come from? Back in 2010 when 32 radio stations across the UK. were closed and replaced with 15 regional services, I cared little for where the next generation of presenters would come from. It was a case if working out how/what was next, I was working […]