Suffolk Show 2015

When you work in radio in a place like Suffolk, you can find yourself working the year ahead in blocks.
For example, First part of the year was always a debrief on how well the Christmas lights switch on had gone, then we would look at the Spring events that were coming up and how we would staff them. To be honest, it was always the part of the job I disliked, the planning away of your year and waving goodbye to all those supposed days off.

Apart from when It came to planning for the Suffolk Show, Always have ensured that I knew the dates for this years show and made sure I was available.This event if you haven’t been in a while or you remain a county show virgin is brilliant. I have been going through work for years and before that as a child. The reasons that I love this quintessentially British event are simple, the sharing of a common love of the place we call home, it is a reminder of the diversity of a county that is too often described as being “sleepy old Suffolk”.A place where the very wealthy rub shoulders with the rest of us and a place where generations of people have done business. It opens eyes to what is going on in work and life on your home patch.

The sheep, cattle and horses all look beautiful, yes the cow shed smells but the cattle have their own in-house shower before they are presented to the public. How very #TOWIE. although I was born in Suffolk, I often don’t feel that connected to true country life, the battle that is far too real for people trying to make a living from it.

I understand that some feel that the Suffolk show with the men in their bowler hats is all rather twee or standoffish but the reality is that the volunteer stewards wear the hats to make it obvious who to ask if you need directions or some friendly advice.

The Suffolk show is the finest pick and mix of life today in the county, I know people who only go to see the horse jumping, the big kids who want to see the Army and an Apache. me, I go to soak up the atmosphere of my home county. to catch up with friends and reconnect with country life even if it is for a few hours a year. The education of what life in the country means to us all wherever we live. I’m guilty of buying from the supermarket and not considering the individuals within that chain of delivery. The Suffolk show is not about wagging fingers and a guilt trip but if you wanted to know more about that “daily bread” it is a good place to discover some answers or you can enjoy the Suffolk Show for the funfair and cute donkey’s – that diversity again.

The Suffolk agricultural association have done a clever job in keeping true to the very roots of this annual event and yet evolved to embrace what a family expects from a day out. It’s not a cheap day out but with children few days are, (Under 14’s get in for free as part of the family deal) check the weather, take your welly boots in the car, Take Gran or yourself to the Flower Tent, pick up a new outfit from the various fashion trade stands, say hello to the cows and the herdsmen that produced the daily pint for the cornflakes and connect with a county that is far from sleepy, a county that has a proud agricultural history, diversity in trade and delivers quality into the UK. food chain.

If you happen to spot me there, say hello.
Discover more on the show here:
May 27th – 28th 2015

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