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Voiceover: looking for a voice to match your brand or business, Nick offers a straightforward approach to voiceover work, offering a live, or recorded material option. He has his own studio. From a straight read to a wealth of character voices. 

From commercial to new film short, Nick is available to discuss your project.


Nick is represented by London agent, Vocalpoint. Hear Nick 


FREE Social Media Health check Nick shares his fondness for social media, he trains SME's across the UK, empowering individuals and teams to enjoy and use social media for their business. Having worked with some of the largest media brands in the UK, Nick is supremely positioned in how best you can create content #ContentIsKing that is seen, shared and acted upon. If you are looking for help with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, Nick will design training tailored to your needs and budget. Nick also directly manages clients social media accounts, Contact him to find how he can help you and your business. He offers a FREE Social Media Health Check, Nick will advise on the areas you need to address.   



Events Nick will host your event, as well as offer facilitation for a seminar or business meeting. His journalistic background gives any event authority, coupled with Nick's quick wit. 

Event Host, Nick Pandolfi

Radio Advertising Nick offers SME's in Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk a FREE advice service for those considering a commercial radio advertising spend, cut the spin and discover the right advertising package for you and your business message. Want to try radio but feel baffled by radio sales spin? Nick will give you the questions you need answering for FREE.