Who needs GOD?

Well, let me begin my blog with an apology, I have no wish to upset anyone with faith, I really don’t want to do that but I’m am writing this as someone who was brought up to consider faith, religion and all that comes with having a GOD. It is fair to say that my […]

Broken TV?

What happened to the Telly? With the recent spate of high-profile deaths, Terry Wogan, Victoria Wood, Ronnie Corbett, I stop typing as the list for 2016 is depressing, to put it mildly! I have now found myself wondering #WhoNext. One selfish positive from the passing of a much-loved individual is that TV broadcasts some golden […]

Suffolk Show 2015

When you work in radio in a place like Suffolk, you can find yourself working the year ahead in blocks. For example, First part of the year was always a debrief on how well the Christmas lights switch on had gone, then we would look at the Spring events that were coming up and how […]

Choosing a good voiceover voice?

Never really understood the appeal of a blog but recently I was asked “what makes a good voice” a voice that is heard on the radio or with a voiceover. The person asking wanted an idea of the sort of voice that would suit their brand. As often is the case, they were saying how […]

17 year old cat.

I’m writing about my cat, that in itself sounds as mad as one of those loving cat owners who talk to their cats, buy them a Christmas present and no doubt feed some wafer thin ham to their beloved moggy on the feline’s birthday. Yes, this is me. I have enjoyed the company of a […]