Nick Pandolfi, Voiceover and Presenter

My Story 

My career began early… aged 11.  

I was a fresh-faced, thanks TCP, student at Corona Academy in Ravenscourt Park, London.  A Brit with an Italian surname that only ever had one dream and was super lucky to have a single mum parent determined to support my goal.

In my first year at drama school, I picked up my equity card, had been on TV a fair few times in BBC costume dramas and managed to earn more money that was probably healthy.

My grounding at home and the style of education in an industry where failure is expected has served me well, the work I did in those early days continues to benefit me to this day and if I ever get stuck in a lift, I can bore my fellow occupants with tales of working at TV centre and ask if they saw me in Gandhi.

When you are young, people tell you to have a plan, I'm still working on that. The work kept coming and when it started to become harder to find work, I had learnt enough about me and how I could fit in and try to prosper on my slice of planet Earth. (that remains an ongoing project)

A friend suggested I try for a job at a radio station and it seemed too easy, you turn up, talk a lot, they pay you and then you go home, this soon proved to be my ideal way to work… talking a lot is something I have never found hard and coupled with the fact the listener (there is only ever one, at some stations, there really is only one) found me funny and so chapter 2 began… There are a fair few false starts and maybe even a missing chapter but it’s my story.

Nowadays London and the Suffolk coast is home, I pop up as a freelance radio voice, I create content for UK based radio networks, mainly the BBC and help SMEs with their media content.  

2018: Cooking on film...

Catch the new series of 'Quick Food' in Summer 2018, Me and a chef, talking, cooking and talking a bit more until the food is ready to eat. The series connects carers across the UK as well as offering a range of events to attend. Previous episodes can be found here Carers Matter 

Radio Talk:  I'm channeling Jenny Bond as i can be heard as a royal correspondent for U.S syndicated radio in New York  + I pop up every week on Weekend Life in New Zealand, talking news, here in the UK. Radio Live live from my shed.

Brian From Melton: 

When I was presenting in local radio, I had this idea of an irate caller joining me and making the audience laugh, before I could do much else, Brian from Melton called in. The original 2012 audio has been played more than a million times and continues to be shared around the world. Hear the original audio cuts. audio is copyrighted. 



London, New York and New Zealand + a shed in Suffolk 


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