Nick Pandolfi Voice Over and Presenter


Nick Pandolfi is an award winning radio presenter and voice actor. He has worked across media and performance industries for more than thirty years. As a radio presenter, he was responsible for Brian from Melton, He started his TV and Film career at the age of eleven, attending Corona Academy.

Feeling hungry? A new series for 2018 is broadcast from the spring  - Check these past recipes for Family Carers Net.

Nick is a freelance broadcaster, working for BBC radio. Nick also works with the team at MENTA, helping businesses engage new clients through broadcast and social media. 

In 2018 Nick can be heard as a royal correspondent for US syndicated radio in New York and appears as a the UK. correspondent for New Zealand talk station. Radio Live

Nick Pandolfi on radio each week with news from the UK.

Nick Pandolfi appears weekly on the 'Your Sunday' show with the stories making it across the UK.

Nick has twice been named presenter of the year with the Frank Gillard awards.


Brian From Melton

If you have heard the audio of Brian from Melton talking about the great storm, you can blame or thank Nick! Brian like Nick was born in Melton, Suffolk. The audio brought this Suffolk village to the attention of people around the World. Hear how Mother and Biscuit survived the #GreatStorm originally broadcast in 2012. audio is copyrighted. 


London, New York and New Zealand 


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