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Nick Pandolfi on radio pictureMy Story:

My career began aged 11, I had my Equity card and did traditional school studies in the morning and a collection drama and ballet in the afternoons.

Maggie Thatcher was PM, Danger Mouse was on TV and  I could be found on the tube - heading to Corona Academy in Ravenscourt Park, London.

Growing up in and around BBC TV Centre to a child that simply loved TV was not unlike a trip to Disney Land, Ronnie Barker in the lift,  a man playing a Dalek in the lunch queue was just the most brilliant of times. It wasn't just I liked TV, I loved how TV was made and working in Wood Lane, was all a bright eyed chap from Suffolk wanted. Numerous parts, productions and failed auditions followed.

My grounding at home and the style of education in an industry where failure is expected has served me well, the work I did in those early days continues to benefit me to this day and if I ever get stuck in a lift, I can bore my fellow occupants with tales of working at TV centre and ask if they saw me in Gandhi.

When you are young, people tell you to have a plan B , I'm still working on that. The work kept coming and when it started to become harder to find work, I had learnt enough about me and how I could fit in and try to prosper on my slice of planet Earth. (that remains an ongoing project)

A friend suggested I try for a job at a radio station and it seemed too easy, you turn up, talk a lot, they pay you and then you go home, this soon proved to be my ideal way to work… talking a lot is something I have never found hard and coupled with the fact the listener (there is only ever one, at some stations, there really is only one) found me funny and so chapter 2 began… There are a fair few false starts and maybe even a missing chapter.

I'm now UK correspondent three radio stations and  London and the Suffolk coast is home. - see Media Page  I create content for international and UK radio and media networks.  I'm also found helping SMEs with their media content, through training with the team at MENTA.


The Launch of Norfolk & Suffolk Unlimited. September 2019


2018: Quick Food for Carers  and a new TV channel 'Carers TV UK.'

Catch the new series of 'Quick Food' in 2020, as Nick films  new episodes across the UK. Cooking, talking, waiting for the food to be ready. The series connects carers across the UK as well as offering a range of events to attend. Previous episodes can be found here Carers Matter 

Radio Talk:  Documentary making has been a huge part of Nick' radio life and he continues to work in this area for freelance producers across the BBC network. Capturing audio and the people that make the very best radio storytellers. 

Since 2017,  Nick has me talking all things British news in New Zealand on Magic Talk, and in the US. as a UK. correspondent. 

Brian From Melton: 

Nick Pandolfi and Brian from Melton
Hear Brian from Melton

When I was presenting the Breakfast show on the now defunct Town 102 fm,

I had the idea of an irate caller joining me and making us laugh.

It's true I wanted to take a swipe at those dull radio phone in programmes where the listener is asked for their memories of this that and the other.... "25 years on, can you remember the Great Storm - call now"

Brian from Melton filled the bill!  The original 2012 audio has been played more than 27 times! ( it's nearer a million) Hear the original audio cuts above. audio is copyrighted.